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iRig® Keys I/O je prva serija kontrolerjev, ki vsebujejo tudi audio vmesnik in tako ponujajo edinstveno orodje za vašo produkcijsko ustvarjanje. iRIG KEYS I/O 49 predstavlja kontrolno klavijaturo z 49 dinamičnimi tipkami in hkrati audio interface, ki vsebuje zajemanje 24bit/96kHz zvoka, balansirane stereo izhode in izhod za slušalke, linijski vhod za inštrumente in ostale naprave ter mikrofonski vhod s Phantom Power. iRIG KEYS I/O je edini audio vmesnik in kontrolna klavijatura hkrati, ustvarjen za mobilne naprave kakor tudi za računalnike. iRIG KEYS I/O predstavlja idealnega sopotnika za mobilno uporabo ali ustvarjanje na terenu, kakor tudi za uporabo v vašem projektnem studiju!

A total music production system in a controller
The iRig® Keys I/O series evolves the concept of traditional controllers as the only one available on the market that integrates 25 or 49 full sized keys together with a fully-fledged professional audio interface featuring 24-bit audio up to 96kHz sampling rate, balanced stereo and headphone outputs, plus a combo input jack for line, instrument or mic input (with Phantom power.)

Together with an audio interface, iRig Keys I/O also packs all the controls you would expect from a premium controller including velocity sensitive multicolored pads and programmable touch-sensitive sliders, buttons and knobs for unique expressiveness and fast workflow. Both iRig Keys I/O 25 and 49 are also the smallest full sized keys on the market making them the best solution for working in small spaces and ideal when it comes to having a controller for traveling musicians, in addition to the consideration that they are the only truly mobile devices that can also work on AA batteries.

Being certified Apple MFi keyboard controllers (“Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad,”) iRig Keys I/O are guaranteed to work out of the box with all iOS devices including the latest generation of iPhone 7, that does not have an audio output, thanks to the on-board audio interface. The included Lighting cable allows for straight plug-and-play with Apple iOS devices, the USB cable connects Mac and PC computers. Plus with over $/€550 (25) and $/€750 (49) worth of IK full software and apps they include an unmatched selection of everything that is needed to make complete, finished productions out of the box like the full SampleTank 3 sound and groove workstation, Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE orchestral workstation, Syntronik Pro-V vintage synthesizer, T-RackS 4 Deluxe mix and mastering suite, Ableton® Live 10 Lite™ and more, as the ultimate music production station.

The only controller with an audio interface
Having a professional 24-bit / 96kHz capable complete audio interface built-in with iRig Keys I/O presents many advantages versus regular controllers for today’s musicians. The system becomes self-contained taking up minimal space in any situation whether on a small studio desk or when playing live and traveling. The set-up is also kept to a minimum and is as fast and easy as just plug and play. The work environment becomes clean and tidy, without a bunch of extra cables.

In a recording studio, everything can be connected directly to the keyboard ensuring the best possible quality with a Class A preamp for dynamic and condenser mics (including those requiring 48V Phantom power, which works under battery power as well,) to line instruments and even Hi-Z guitars and basses. The built-in headphone output allows for convenient silent playing when studying or practicing. Plus, when used in live performances the balanced stereo output allows for long cable runs directly from the keyboard to the PA or mixer which is useful for performing keyboard players or DJs.

All of this makes iRig Keys I/O controllers the ideal creative center of your studio or live performances, in any situation, providing a convenient solution even more affordable than having to buy a controller and an audio interface separately, that is simply unrivaled in today’s market.

Take control with touch controls
Despite their ultra-compact dimension, iRIg Keys I/O include all the tactile controls you would expect from a fully-fledged controller and more. Starting with a fast synth-action key bed that improves on all preceding IK keyboards and it’s a joy to play. Both the models feature one volume/ data push knob, 4 touch sensitive knobs on 2 banks (acting as 8 total controls) and 8 multicolored, velocity sensitive pads. Plus, there are 2 fully programmable touch control strips acting by default as Pitch and Mod controls allowing for dramatic performances in any genre and double as fully programmable sliders.

A complete touch sensitive transport and button control section rounds out the controls available. All knobs, sliders and buttons are touch-sensitive using capacitive technology for ultra-fast action and immediate feedback, displaying the related parameter value just with a simple touch.

Perfect for mobile, great with computer

iRig Keys I/O work universally with all types of devices whether mobile, laptop or regular desktop computer. They are ideal for iPhone and iPad thanks to the included Lighting cable connections and certified MFi compatibility. Additionally, they offer more iOS friendly features that can’t be found with any other controller like the included mobile device stand and the possibility to keep the device charged during long playing session using an optional power supply adapter, and of course the included audio interface that makes them perfect when used with the latest generation iPhone 7 that lacks a mini jack audio output.

The fact that they are also the only keyboard controllers that work on AA batteries make them an ideal solution for mobile mini laptop computers where the USB port can’t supply enough current to power the keyboard. Musicians working on multiple devices will also find iRig Keys I/O the most convenient solution for bridging their work across multiple platforms by using the same controller.

Save space, travel light
With a size that is over 30% smaller (for the 25 keys) to nearly 50% smaller (for the 49 keys) than the smallest competitor, iRig Keys I/O are the most compact full size keys controllers on the market today (plus with the included audio interface they take up even less space.) This is a major advantage when it comes to working in small studio spaces or in a regular studio where the space available for the keyboard controller is minimal. Plus, iRig Keys I/O can’t be beaten for the traveling musician, not only for their minimal dimensions but also because they are 25% lighter than the lightest competitor. There is also a convenient travel bag available (sold separately,) for both models.

Full professional software ready to go
iRig Keys I/O comes with the largest selection of software and apps amongst any comparable controller. While reduced or light versions of software are generally bundled with other controllers, iRig Keys I/O includes a staggering quantity and value of full software. Starting with the full version of SampleTank 3 sound and groove workstation, T-RackS 4 Deluxe mix and mastering suite, Syntronik Pro-V vintage synthesizer and Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE* orchestral workstation for Mac/PC, iRig Keys IO includes 13 full plug-ins (3 instruments and 10 dynamic and EQ audio processors), over 5,000 sounds and 43 GB of samples, that is roughly ten times more than the closest competitor.

DAW-ready of out the box
iRig Keys I/O work universally with all types of devices whether mobile, laptop or regular desktop computer. They are ideal for iPhone and iPad thanks to the included Lighting cable connections and certified MFi compatibility. Additionally, they offer more iOS friendly features that can’t be found with any other controller like the included mobile device stand and the possibility to keep the device charged during long playing session using an optional power supply adapter, and of course the included audio interface that makes them perfect when used with the latest generation iPhone 7 that lacks a mini jack audio output.

iRig Keys I/O Mic
If portability and ease of use are important, then take a look at iRig Keys I/O Mic, our smart gooseneck condenser microphone for the iRig Keys I/O series (it works with all of our interfaces). Designed for the creative minds who need a fast, intelligent way to record vocal lines, dialog or instruments without weighing down their setup, this handy tool lets you quickly record an external sound source without the need to bring extras like a cable or stand. With a frequency response from 100Hz to 15kHz (-3dB) and the ability to capture sounds up to 130 dB SPL, this gooseneck microphone might be just the perfect solution for your needs. Slide it in a backpack and you are good to go.

iOS Devices
Compatible with iPhone 7 Plus*, iPhone 7*, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPod touch 6th generation, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 1st Generation, iPad Pro (9.7-inch), iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini, iPad 5th generation, iPad 4th generation. iOS 6 or later is required.

Also compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPad 9.7-inch (6th generation 2018)*.

*Note for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 9.7-inch (6th generation 2018): iOS 12 or later is required.

Mac®: macOS® 10.6 or later. One free USB port.

Windows®: Fully supports Windows 10 WASAPI for low latency audio. One free USB port. (ASIO4ALL is required on Windows 7 and 8 for low latency audio. See our FAQ here for further details.) NOTE: on Windows XP iRig Keys I/O works only as MIDI controller.

Kontrole: 8 velocity-sensitive multi color assignable pads
Frekvenčni razpon: 20 Hz - 20 kHz +/-1.5dB (Microphone Input, Instrument Input)
Tehnični podatki: Conversion: 16 or 24-bit A/D - D/A
Lastnosti: 49 full-size keys with velocity, USB bus powered when used with a computer
Pribor: DC power supply (not included, iRig PSU 3A sold separately)
Širina: 693mm
Višina: 65mm
Globina: 208mm
Teža: 2.18kg/76.9oz (batteries excluded)


Item No.: 7400115

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Člansko kartico Max kluba (v nadaljevanju: klubska kartica) pridobi vsaka fizična oseba, ki izpolni prijavnico (v nadaljevanju: član). Član s podpisom prijavnice ali s prijavo v klub prek spleta sprejme splošna pravila Max kluba.
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Music Max si prizadeva, da so vse informacije, objavljene na klubskih straneh in elektronskem katalogu točne in ažurne. Slike izdelkov v spletnem katalogu so simbolične.

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Music Max jamči za pravne in stvarne napake blaga in opravljene storitve, zato reklamacije, garancije in pritožbe, ki se nanašajo na klubske izdelke ali storitve, ki jih ponuja rešuje ponudnik s podjetjem Music Max. Reklamacije in pritožbe, ki se nanašajo na članstvo v klubu, rešuje uredništvo kluba.

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Music Max lahko spremeni Splošna pravila Max kluba . O spremembah teh pravil bo pisno obveščal člane v skladu z načinom njihove prijave. Šteje se, da član soglaša s spremembami, če se po prejemu obvestila o spremembah ne izpiše iz Max kluba .

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Splošna pravila Max kluba veljajo od 1. Junija 2009.

Max klub ugodnosti
Članstvo v klubu pa Vam prinaša tudi prejemanje E-novic - ažurne novosti o izdelkih, akcijah in posebnih ponudbah, ki jih pripravljamo za Vas!

Vrednosti nakupa        Vrednost darilnega bona
1.600 EUR                                 40 EUR
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5.500 EUR                               160 EUR
8.000 EUR                               300 EUR

Darilni bon Vam bomo poslali po pošti in bo vnovčljiv 3 mesece po prejemu. Darilnega bona ni možno zamenjati za gotovino. Seštevanje vrednosti nakupov je omejeno na koledarsko leto, potem se začne novo obdobje, vrednosti se ne prenašajo.

Razveselite svoje bližnje z darilnim bonom. 

Darilni boni so na voljo tako v fizični kot tudi v spletni obliki.


MUSIC MAX d.o.o. daje poroštvo, da bo izdelek v garancijskem roku brezhibno deloval, če se boste ravnali po priloženih navodilih, ter se obvezuje, da bo na Vašo zahtevo, če bo predložena v garancijskem roku, na svoje stroške poskrbel v svojih, oziroma pogodbenih servisnih prostorih za odpravo okvar in tehničnih pomanjkljivosti izdelka, ki bi nastale ob normalni uporabi v času, za katerega se daje poroštvo.

Garancija prične teči z dnem nakupa izdelka na drobno, kar dokažete s potrjenim garancijskim listom.


- če kupec ni ravnal v skladu z navodili za uporabo izdelka
- če je v izdelek posegla nepooblaščena oseba
- če je kupec nestrokovno ali malomarno ravnal z izdelkom
- če so bili v izdelek naknadno vgrajeni neoriginalni deli 
- če ni dostavil izdelek na prevzemno mesto
- če kupec ni predložil potrjenega garancijskega lista
- ne jamčimo za okvare ki so bile povzročene pri transportu po izročitvi, okvare zaradi nepravilnih montaž ali vzdrževanja, mehanske okvare, ki jih je povzročil uporabnik in okvare, ki so nastale zaradi prenapetosti električnega toka, višje sile, izteka baterije, itd.
- Iz garancije so izvzeti deli, ki so podvrženi stalni obrabi in lahko dotrajajo pred iztekom garancijskega roka.
- Reklamacije vseh vrst kitar: poleg že naštetega ne priznavamo reklamacij na strgane ali poškodovane strune, mehanske poškodbe napenjalcev strun, vratov in uglaševalnih mehanizmov, poškodbe zaradi neustreznih klimatskih pogojev (rjavenje, pokanje lesa ipd.) ter na izgubljene dele kitar. Neustrezne nastavitve kitare niso podlaga za garancijsko popravilo. Te nastavitve opravi po lastnem okusu kupec sam ali pa jih prepusti strokovnjaku.
- Reklamacije ojačevalcev, zvočnikov: poleg naštetega ne priznavamo reklamacije na mehansko uničene (strgane) membrane zvočnikov, pregorela navitja zvočnikov in na elektronke v ojačevalcih. Nobena zaščita ojačevalca oz. zvočnika ne zagotavlja popolne varnosti ob prekomerni obremenitvi . Maksimalno odprti potenciometri so lahko vzrok preobremenitve in s tem poškodbe. Teh poškodb ne ne priznavamo, kot tudi poškodbe povzročene zaradi »larsen« efekta (mikrofonije).
- Reklamacije lakiranih pihal in trobil: spremembe na površinski obdelavi instrumenta (lak, srebro, nikelj, zlato..) zaradi neustreznega ravnanja z instrumentom, ki ni v skladu z navodili proizvajalca (pomanjkljivo vzdrževanje, stik s kislinami od znoja - potenje rok ipd., neustrezni vremenski vplivi itd.)

Pri popravilu, ki traja več kot 10 dni, se garancijski rok podaljša za toliko časa kolikor traja popravilo. V primeru, da popravila ni mogoče izvršiti v roku 45 dni, bomo izdelek zamenjali z novim.

Servisiranje in nadomestni deli so zagotovljeni tudi po preteku garancijske dobe in sicer vsaj še 3 leta po preteku garancijskega roka.

Za izdelke v spletni trgovini veljajo garancijski pogoji v skladu s slovensko zakonodajo in je garancijski rok 12 MESECEV, razen za artikle Yamaha in Fender, kjer znaša garancijski rok 24 MESECEV in pa za Crafter kitare, za katere velja garancijski rok 36 MESECEV​.

Prevzemna mesta – SERVISI za reklamirano blago so:
Trgovina MUSIC MAX PE Celje, Levtikova 1d - Tel: 03 492 53 51
Trgovina MUSIC MAX PE Ljubljana, Šmartinska 106 - Tel: 01 600 27 85

Tradicija - od 1994

Z Vami smo že 25 let!

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100% garancija zadovoljstva!


100% garancija zadovoljstva!

30 dni za vračilo izdelkov!

Zamenjajte izdelke ali pa vam vrnemo kupnino!

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Brezplačna dostava

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Naročite se na e-novice

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Brezplačna dostava

Za naročila nad 40 €!

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Naročite se na naš Youtube kanal!

Naročite se na naš Youtube kanal!




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- ob prevzemu blaga z odkupnino
- po predračunu na naš transakcijski račun SI56 0600 0051 6561 092, ki je odprt pri Banki Celje.

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Minimalni mesečni obrok znaša 30,00 €, minimalni znesek kredita 60,00 €. Maksimalni znesek kredita je možen do višine odobrenega limita na kartici. Zavarovanja kredita, stroškov odobritve in obresti pri tem načinu plačila NI!

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