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Did you ever see the bridge pickup on a '53 butterscotch blonde? It's not clean or shiny or new-looking. In fact, some folks would say it's downright ugly. That's because it's probably spent night after night on a wooden stage in a smoke-filled club under a sweaty wrist pounding out the sweetest guitar tone around. It's got grime, sweat and smoke impregnated deep into the bobbin. The lacquer has thinned and the magnets have discolored. The coil wire and insulation have been tempered by the surge of thousands of hours of electricity, and it may have even blocked a flying bottle or two. To some, it's not a pretty sight. To me, however, it's as beautiful as a work of art. My name is Seymour W. Duncan and I build guitar pickups. I've been doing it for a long time and I'm really proud of the products I've created. One project that I'm really excited to be involved with is my Antiquity™ series of aged electric guitar and bass pickups.

Item No.: 973479


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