kupi FENDER V-MOD TELESASTER PICUP SET (2) glasbeni instrumenti naroči

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  • Šifra izdelka: 099-2267-000

Noted pickup guru Tim Shaw engineered Fender V-Mod Telecaster pickups using a proprietary blend of alnico magnet types. Voiced specifically for neck and bridge positions and meticulously designed for premium tone that appeals to modern guitarists, the pickups in this set are calibrated for optimum performance, whether used alone or together.

To bring out the musicality and tonal nuances of these pickups, Fender leveraged the inherent characteristics of various alnico formulations to achieve the best blend and balance , all along the neck, and in any switch position. In the neck pickup, alnico 5 under the bass strings delivers detailed low end while alnico 2 under the treble strings adds warmth and clarity. The bridge pickup is powered exclusively by alnico 5 magnets. Each pickup exudes vintage-style warmth, and the crisp, clear twang that made the Telecaster a legend. Outfit your Telecaster with a set of V-Mod Tele pickups today!

Item No.: 099-2267-000


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