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  • Proizvajalec: MEINL
  • Šifra izdelka: 3636

The didgeridoo is the oldest wind instrument in the world, developed by Australian Aboriginal tribes about 1,500 years ago. Meinl manufactures their didgeridoos at the same level as their other products, and are a great way to become acquainted with this unique, ancient musical instrument. It makes a distinctive droning sound with harmonic overtones, and adds a very exotic, primal sound to any ensemble. These didgeridoos are fashioned from synthetic material, and will not be affected by humidity or temperature - great for the outdoors! Available in red or black, with tribal paint decoration.

Product: SDDG1-R

  • 51" long
  • Lightweight Synthetic Material
  • Includes Nylon Bag
  • Red

Item No.: 3636


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