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Song book in šole za pihala in trobila

MUSIC SALES Gues Spot Toppers Playalong Trumpet učna knjiga

Step into the spotlight and play along with ten popular chart hits, from Fireflies by Owl City to Love Story by Taylor Swift. This book/CD pack includ..

11,41€ 16,30€

MUSIC SALES Balkan Folk Songs & Dances CD knjiga s skladbami za flavto

FOLK SONGS AND DANCES FROM THE BALKANS - FLUTE EDITION is a small, but representative collection of well-known and lesser-known beautiful melodies fro..

13,30€ 19,00€

MUSIC SALES Playalong For Saxaphone Sporting Themes knjiga s skladbami za alt saksofon

Step into the spotlight and play along with ten of the best sporting themes! This book/CD pack contains sheet music and backing tracks for the themes ..

11,90€ 17,00€

MUSIC SALES Guest Spot Eighties Playalong Hits For Trumpet učna knjiga

Ten well known songs in melody line arrangements with specially recorded backing tracks. The CD:Hear the full performance versions of the music tracks..

11,13€ 15,90€

MUSIC SALES Guest Spot Seventies Hits Trumpet učna knjiga

A special double-CD bumper compilation. Twenty-one chart hits and jazz and latin standards in melody line arrangements for Trumpet with specially reco..

11,13€ 15,90€

MUSIC SALES Hohner Music From Titanic učna knjiga

Clarinet or Tenor Sax. Eight instrumental solos, including: Hard to Starboard · Hymn to the Sea · My Heart Will Go On · Never an Absolution · Rose · S..

6,30€ 9,00€

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